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Statistical analysis is surely one of the greatest invention that science has ever reached. Mathematics and probability theories (classical and bayesian) has achieved such a level of advancement in algorithms context, that we can breathe a sigh of relief (but not for too long) when it comes to current scientific and technical problems solving. People working at Scientific research and development gain unquestionable benefits from statistical models and algorithms, and will be gaining them in the future. Statistical analysis can also serve as a remarkably useful tool for customer baheaviour analysis. Thanks to business statistics, many companies can reduce a risk of making decisions, control production processes and improve a level of their services. Business area is more and more greedy for using statistical analysis simply because of its usefulness, measured by revenue growth and cost cutting. Companies and institutions are collecting data all the time, thereby gaining a growing numer of databases including information about: their customers, information flow, costs and sales etc. This leads to the situation that methodology, statistical analysis and research departments become a necessary element of company development strategy. This results in development and application new statistical methods. And its remarkably useful from science, entrepreneurship and improving people's well-being development perspective.Statistical analysis in R provides statistical analysis and calculation methods in the field of:

  • Statistical risk analysis
  • Advisory system and applications
  • Demographic and psychographic segmentation of customers
  • Building synthetic and behavior indicators
  • Modeling of consumer phenomenon
  • Consumer behaviour analysis
  • Analysis concerning statistical natural language processing
  • Prediction and analysis of change over time
  • Statistical analysis of marketin efficiency

Statistical analysis in R

Statistical analyses in science at the academic level (master's and PhD students, academics)

Every empirical sciences master's student, a majorty of PhD students, and certainly every entrepreneur has a contact with specialist in statistical data analysis. Whether due to statistical analysis for masters/doctoral dissertation and scientific article or due to monitoring of sales statistics, client's departure and risk analysis. Everyone undoubtely has do deal with statistical analysis and statistics generally. In more and more sub-specialized science times, statisticians and specialists in data analysis have a different task orientation in science problems solving. Some specialists work only in biostatistics, others handle statistics concerning modelling of changes over time and econometrics solely, some are concerned with credit risk, and some other process psychological experiments data requiring an exorbitant methodologies only. Statisticians’ specializations could be enumerated endlessly because of large amount of statistical analysis application, However, it is important that regardless of specialization, everyone who carries out statistical analysis knows when the work is well done, and when process of getting intended result has some deficits (limitations/flaws) and ambiguities. Specialist in statistical data analysis, and also methodologist knows what to do to achieve an appropriate level of research quality. Regardless of whether it is medical statistics, credit risk or psychological data, in, we are trying to provide conventional, but also a new statistical solutions for our clients. Statistical analysis in R

In we carry out methodological counseling and statistical stuff at the academic level in the field of:

  • Formulating and testing hypotheses and theory (including: structural equation modeling by PLS and CB method)
  • Multilevel modeling of phenomena (mixed-effects analysis)
  • Structural Equation Modeling PLS i CB
  • Regression models analysis
  • Analysis of variance (fixed and random effects)
  • Survival analysis
  • Statistical mediation/moderation/moderated mediation analysis
  • Designing experiments, measurement scales and tests
  • Responses to the reviewer's opinion
  • Preparing science article for publication in scientific journals

Do you need statistical analysis or consultations with statistician specialist with specific field-related competencies?

Statistical projects carried out for science and business are important undertakings. Future earnings and researcher’s reputation in the scientific community depends on them. We don’t expect that we will start working together at once. Cold assessment of competencies and a contact with company are a key features of good choice of a specialist in statistical data analysis. Therefore we invite you to non-binding colnsultations for free.Statistical analysis in R

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Contact with us, so that we could help you with calculations, discuss your doubts and assess initially your project. Our team of specialists in various fields has a knowledge and experience in carrying out statistical analysis in interdisciplinary contexts of empirical sciences and in diversificated areas of business and market. We carry out specialist statistical calculation for projects at the academic level and a majority of undertakings related to: multidimensional customer analysis, product sales analysis, prediction and market data processing generally.Statistical analysis in R

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